The intent of this project was to create a home for undergraduate students in the WCBA School of Business, including small to medium-sized classrooms, study rooms, academic advising space, and intellectual collision spaces for impromptu collaboration amongst the students outside of the classroom. In addition to the building, a courtyard was to be a usable gathering space for students on a daily basis with approximately 50 seats or could be cleared and provide a standing capacity for approximately 640 occupants.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and strategies were utilized fully throughout the project in order to reduce construction conflicts, improve efficiencies, allow for interactive work sessions, and allow for a more accurate and fully loaded “smart” record model of the new building at completion. Moses Engineering incorporated the following HVAC features into the design: Chilled Beams with a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS). This scheme provides energy savings by reducing fan energy and reheat energy. A heat recovery system transfers the energy that is normally wasted through the exhaust system back into the ventilation system for re-use by the ventilation system. Electric heat was selected due to the low demand for reheat and low first cost. Our lighting design included T5 high efficiency fluorescent and LED down lights throughout the facility. Our team’s knowledge of lighting controls allowed for multiple occupancy sensors and a Crestron lighting control center integrated with the classroom and lecture hall audio visual systems.

OwnerUniversity of Florida

Project Size56,200 SF


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