The Physical Sciences Building provides 128,000 square feet of research and teaching laboratories in a four-story structure for the Chemistry and Physics Departments at UCF. The building is served by four penthouse 100% outdoor air central air handling units and a central high plume exhaust system. All laboratories are designed for variable air volume operation for energy savings while maintaining code-required air change rates and pressure relationships. Chilled water is provided by the campus loop via variable volume pumping. Heating hot water is provided by high efficiency condensing boilers and variable volume pumping.

Moses Engineering was the consulting engineer for all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structured cabling and audio-visual systems associated with this project. The design included laboratory infrastructure to support future needs: process cooling water loop, nitrogen manifolds, hot and cold water, compressed air, vacuum, 480V power, 120/208V power, emergency power, UPS and fume/snorkel exhaust. Physics laboratories were designed for reduced EMI and vibration. All laboratories were designed with flexible casework to allow reconfiguration of labs in the future with a minimal cost. In addition to commissioning, Moses Engineering also performed energy modeling and other calculations to support LEED certification.

OwnerUniversity of Central Florida

Project Size128,000 SF

ServicesDesign, Commissioning

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