This is a 3,400-ton plant with 6 chillers, 4 variable primary distribution pumps, 6 condenser water pumps serving 4 cooling tower systems. The Project included major upgrades to the control system, and pump upgrades. Valving was added to correct unbalanced conditions within the existing plant due to poorly matched chiller hydronic profiles. The project also included removal of 3 older chillers, relocation of one chiller and installation of a new larger 750 Ton chiller. Structural modifications and roof modifications were also needed. Lastly, the project included replacement of one of the 50 hp steam boilers and an additional steam boiler of similar size.

For this project, Moses Engineering employed a multi-phase approach to ensure continuous operation. The existing central energy plant lacked automation needed for maximum operational reliability and included equipment that was well past its normal life expectancy. This condition resulted in poor overall plant efficiency and numerous unplanned outages. Moses Engineering’s systematic approach ensured minimal downtime throughout the project and a right fit solution. The phases of the project included: Plant Review and Understanding, Coordination of pretest activities and analysis, Interviews with plant personal.

Moses provided full commissioning services that included system performance verification, instrumentation calibration testing, sequence of operation testing and graphical user interface testing.

OwnerBaptist Health

Construction Cost$2.3 million

ServicesDesign, Commissioning

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