The University of Florida (UF) Lacrosse Facility is a state-of-the-art athletic facility for the UF Women’s Lacrosse team that started play in the 2009-2010 NCAA Division 1 season. It consists of a regulation size game lacrosse field, a second regulation practice lacrosse field, and a soccer practice field for the UF Women’s Soccer program. All of the fields are lighted to allow night practices or games and all lighting was designed to NCAA broadcast requirements. The game field also includes concession stands, toilet facilities, press boxes, a first aid room, and broadcast support to allow the University of host NCAA Lacrosse events up to Regional Tournament levels.

In addition to the fields, the facility includes a Locker Facility for the teams and a maintenance building for housing equipment and supplies to maintain the almost seven acres of fields. The Locker Facility is a 21,000 plus square foot single story building that provides all of the locker rooms, coaches and manager’s locker rooms, meeting rooms, equipment storage, and training facilities needed by the lacrosse team.

Moses Engineering provided the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and IT design for the project in support of RDG Architects out of Des Moines, Iowa. The HVAC system for the building is designed for 100% exhaust from all areas of the building. The Air Handling Unit for the facility is a Dx type with remote condensing unit. The AHU also includes a total energy heat wheel to allow sensible and latent heat recovery to minimize the electrical utility costs for the facility. All of the locker rooms are served by two high efficiency, natural gas storage type water heaters to allow simultaneous after game/practice use of all of the showers in the building. The electrical system for the building includes a 12.5 kV high voltage primary service. On site transformers are used to provide 480V, 3 phase power to the building to serve the large HVAC loads and 277V lighting. Further step-down transformers are provided for the 120V distribution for receptacles and smaller loads. The locker facility is protected with a wet-pipe sprinkler system designed per NFPA 13.

The project includes provisions for irrigation of all of the playing fields. The primary source of the irrigation water is from the UF Campus Reclaimed Water system. This system provides a discharge system for the on-campus sewer treatment plant to minimize the impact of irrigation on natural resources. Further, storm water is collected from the roof of the maintenance building to gain credits from the USGBC LEED program. Since the UF campus often does not have sufficient reclaimed water during semester breaks or during the summer, an existing on-site well is used as a back-up source of irrigation water. Finally, domestic water is provided to the irrigation system to ensure that the fields can be maintained if all other systems are not sufficient.

OwnerUniversity of Florida

Construction Cost$12.5 Million

ServicesDesign, Commissioning

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