Moses Engineering was hired by Baptist Health to provide both design and commissioning services for the renovation project of a failing Boiler Plant. Firstly, prior to the project’s design phase, Moses engineering evaluated existing conditions of the Boiler plant, including its associated systems, and the capacity of the entire steam distribution system, in order to identify and provide a replacement plan for the failing, undersized steam and condensate piping. Secondly, our firm developed an intricate phasing plan using temporary boilers to provide uninterrupted steam flow for the hospital throughout the long construction process. And lastly, after evaluating the existing hospital building equipment and surveying the equipment, Moses Engineering conducted a load analysis of the new equipment to ensure boilers and associated systems were adequate of the current load. To ensure future proofing of the system, the campus master plan was evaluated and further testing was conducted to ensure that the new Boilers were sufficient for any remaining building projects already in place, as well as possible future expansions.

OwnerBaptist Health South Florida

Construction Cost$2.5 Million

ServicesDesign, Commissioning

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